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GigaHash Ltd. offer you an opportunity to start mining Bitcoin or Altcoins without buying mining equipment.

No maintenance, No noise, No heat. Everything is covered by us!

Priced from $0.35/GHs, ultra low hosting and maintenance fee.

Daily earning.

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Altcoin SCRYPT cloud

All scrypt cloud instanses are used for mining alt coins on differecnt pools depending on price. All alt coins are automaticly exchange for bitcoins.

AlgoAlgorithm SpeedPool speed AvailableAvailable for order PriceIn BTC Maintenance /day DividendLast paid dividend
SHASH2 SCRYPT 5118 Sold out ฿ 0.02000000
51.32 USD
0.0125$ ฿ 0.00002513

Each unit is equal of 1 MH/s SCRYPT.

What is Cloud Mining

With our cloud mining services, there is no need for a bitcoin mining computer, no need for high electricity bills and also no need for bitcoin mining knowledge. Buying a cloud mining hash power takes care of all this for you.
Bitcoins are limited to a maximum of 21,000,000 BTCs and all of them will be released by the year 2040. With growing difficulty, the mining processes become more and more complicated over time, which means professional equipment is needed to solve those challenging mathematical problems. offers the opportunity to pool up mining in the cloud and easy mine Bitcoins using latest ASICs hardware. Our Cloud mining contracts guarantee you a steady Bitcoin income, which ensures you to get your share of the future of digital money.

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